Documentary Feature

In Post-Production

Key Creatives

Fraser Brown, Tom Blackwell, Leela Menon

Zoe McIntosh

Zoe McIntosh - (Director/Writer)
Fraser Brown - (Lead Producer)
Leela Menon - (Producer)
Tom Blackwell - (Producer/Writer)
Arli Liberman - (Composer)
Gareth Moon - (DOP)
Peter Roberts - (Editor)
Brendan Donovan - (Writer)

Mister Smith Entertainment
NZ Film Commission
387 Film Distribution
Images & Sound

Israel Adesanya defies the world to pin him down.

Much like its subject, STYLEBENDER refuses to be boxed in by convention. Directed by female auteur filmmaker, Zoe McIntosh, the film transcends the “Sports-Doco” genre to tell the story of a tortured boy fighting against the world and himself, to become the man he was destined to be. Can he find something bigger than himself to fight for, or will he become the thing he hates the most?

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