Colin as "Jeremy"
The teenagers arrive on Waiheke
Jeremy and Scotty
Calae as "KENAE"
Hanelle Harris as "Tibs"
Calae Hignett_Morgan as
Jeremy and Monica
Calae Hignett-Morgan as Kenae
The teenagers party
Key enjoys his handiwork
Tibs needs help
Jeremy faces the cops
Colin as "JEREMY"
Colin as "JEREMY"
Tibs & Jesse
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Orphans & Kingdoms

Drama Feature

In Completed

Runtime: 74m minutes

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Key Creatives

Fraser Brown

Paolo Rotondo

Executive Producer(s):
Charles St. Clair Brown, Adrian Burr, Philippa Campbell

Paolo Rotondo

Paolo Rotondo - (Writer / Director / Co-producer)
Fraser Brown - (Producer)
Charles St. Clair Brown - (Executive Producer)
Adrian Burr - (Executive Producer)
Philippa Campbell - (Executive Producer)
Simon Raby - (Cinematographer)
Cushla Dillon - (Editor)
Giovanni Rotondo - (Composer)
Colin Moy -
Calae Hignett-Morgan -
Hanelle Harris -
Jesse James Rehu-Pickery -

Orphans & Kingdoms
Orphans & Kingdoms is an award-winning New Zealand drama about a man who returns to his own home only to be bound and beaten by three fugitive kids.

Exposed to the helplessness of his tormentors he is forced to face the demons of his own dark past. Over the course of a tense night the tables are turned and a tenuous bond begins to grow between them. When dawn comes, so too does the law. Now, the four of them find themselves on the run, together.

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