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Putting fluro and black together is a metaphor for our unique approach. We are creative producers; collaborators and doers that encourage surprising connections - across genre, talent, and execution - creating engaging original stories.

Proudly based in Aotearoa New Zealand, we partner with diverse talent, from around the world, who have authentic voices and bold visions. Read More>

We weave together ideas, skills and experience to create the strongest outcome for every project.

We work with both established and emerging collaborators, building an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship that draws the best from them, and ourselves, in the process.

FluroBlack's founding partners, Fraser Brown and Leela Menon, combine extensive industry track records with deep, real-world experience and a wide range of skills - always finding the right balance between business and creative. Put simply 'we get good shit made!'

FluroBlack has experience and expertise across feature film, feature documentary, international series television and co-productions - as well as short, branded and commercial content.


Meet Fraser

Fraser combines a rare blend of creative and business expertise as FluroBlack’s co-founder and Creative Director.

An award-winning creative producer of film, television, documentary and commercial content, Fraser started in the business more than 20 years ago, as a professional actor. His producing career began in 2006 with DEAD LETTERS (Telluride Film Festival), his first feature (ORPHANS & KINGDOMS) won numerous international awards and his first feature documentary (MCLAREN) directed by Roger Donaldson, was the highest grossing domestic Film at the New Zealand Box Office in 2017. To date he has produced or executive produced nine international feature documentaries, two scripted features, a major international television series and an edgy, award-winning web series.

Fraser has also co-produced, alongside his wife, Sal, two kick-ass daughters and a pretty serious addiction to cycling, surfing, skiing and basically anything fitness related.

Fraser graduated from Toi Whakaari - NZ Drama School (2001) and embarked on a successful career as an actor in Film, Television and Theatre. With 30+ screen acting credits to his name, Fraser has featured in some of New Zealand’s most significant drama, including a starring role as Archibald Baxter in the critically acclaimed tele-feature FIELD PUNISHMENT NO. 1 (2014.)

Fraser’s first feature, ORPHANS & KINGDOMS, played at festivals around the world, winning numerous awards including “Best Film” at the Anchorage Film Festival (2016) and was released theatrically in NZ with 4-star reviews. In 2016 he developed and produced, in a strategic partnership with Matthew Metcalfe of GFC Films, the feature documentary MCLAREN. Directed by Roger Donaldson, MCLAREN was the highest grossing New Zealand film at the NZ box office in 2017 and was released globally by Universal Pictures, Transmission Films and Gunpowder & Sky. He and Matthew then produced WAYNE, an official NZ/AUS co-production directed by Jeremy Sims, which premiered at the opening weekend of MIFF 2018 and was released in Australia and New Zealand by Transmission Films and in the US by Gunpowder & Sky.

Fraser is an Executive Producer on numerous feature documentaries with Universal Pictures and GFC Films: BORN RACER, directed by Bryn Evans; WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT A.I, directed by Leanne Pooley; DAWN RAID, directed by Oscar Kightley; MOTHERS OF THE REVOLUTION, directed by Briar March; BILLION DOLLAR HEIST, directed by Daniel Gordon and THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK, directed by Nathan Price. He is also an EP on feature film, WHINA, due for release early in 2022 and on THE DEAD LANDS –an 8x1hr action-adventure series collaboration between GFC Films, AMC-Shudder and TVNZ, nominated for “Best Drama” at the New Zealand TV Awards, 2020.

Fraser also has a BCom in Finance and Marketing from the University of Otago (1996) and is co-managing director, alongside his father John, of The St Clair Group - an investment company with interests in housing, media, property and tech, including St Clair Homes - one of New Zealand's leading manufactures of quality tiny homes. Fraser is a former Managing Director of award-winning, international mineral water brand, Waiwera, which he helped John build and eventually sell to a disreputable Russian oligarch. Yes, there is a film in there. No, the script is not quite ready to share just yet (smile).

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"Our goal is to always create art that connects – we’re about making work with an impact, art that moves people."


Meet Leela

Leela is a creative producer, co-founder and Managing Director of FluroBlack. She was a successful lawyer for many years before she left her legal partnership and transitioned her considerable talents to the screen industry.

She began by producing commercials and award-winning short films, before becoming Head of Production at GFC Films for three years. She has produced, and line produced, many successful films including 2021 feature documentaries DAWN RAID (dir. Oscar Kightley) and MOTHERS OF THE REVOLUTION (dir. Briar March), and executive produced an award-winning web series.

Leela (Malaysian Indian/Pākehā) is particularly interested in original content set in diverse worlds; stories of any genre that can move people emotionally while entertaining them.

Leela worked as a lawyer for 13 years, including five years as a partner in a commercial law firm in Auckland. In 2008, Leela decided to focus on her passion for film and redeployed her skills and experience to work as a producer and line producer. She joined production company Flying Fish as a producer in 2010, making TV and online commercials, before expanding into long form content, line producing award-winning feature film ORPHANS & KINGDOMS (dir. Paolo Rotondo) in 2014.

She has line produced several documentary features with GFC Films including WAYNE (dir. Jeremy Sims) (Transmission Films/Gunpowder & Sky), and BORN RACER (dir. Byn Evans) and WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT A.I (dir. Leanne Pooley) (both Universal Pictures), and is currently line producer on BILLION DOLLAR HEIST (dir. Daniel Gordon) (GFC Films/Universal Pictures). She was an associate producer on THE DEAD LANDS television series (GFC Films/AMC-Shudder/TVNZ).

Leela produced the 2021 feature documentaries DAWN RAID and MOTHERS OF THE REVOLUTION with GFC Films and Universal Pictures.

Leela is a founding member of the Pan Asian Screen Collective (‘PASC’) which supports emerging and experienced screen practitioners of pan-Asian heritage in New Zealand.

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"We weave together ideas, skills and experience to create the strongest outcome for every project."


Meet Daniel

Daniel Pickstone is a Development Executive with over 10 years of experience from the other side of the screen industry, exhibition, where they ran cinemas, programmed films for a cinema chain and launched a film festival.

They know good content and they know audiences even better. Now they help to create meaningful content that will resonate with its audience.

Daniel is passionate about storytelling. In their spare time they play in underground bands that nobody has heard of and is a card-carrying Dungeon Master.

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"We embrace original thinking and ideas from unexpected places."

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